Rustic Habitat researches the market constantly so you get unique wares for your home.

The designers at Rustic Habitat constantly research the market and use what we don’t find as inspirations to our products. We believe that over time this is the best way to build our business.  We design the products to have a rustic appeal as well as being able to install the products into modern surroundings. The use of steel is not a new thing but the way in which we use steel is definitely different to other manufacturers.  We only use Australian steel products in our designs and responsibly sourced timber for the timber components. Where we can we use Macrocarpa cypress pine for the timber components as this is mostly sourced from old farm windbreaks.  This does two things, a: we use a durable species b: we do not use up forest timbers. Treated pine is used in some designs which is a Sienna colour (brownish reddish). We use black untreated steel which over time rusts and gives the structures a weathered look. The design process is arduous. It takes many hours of research and many hours of time designing the look of the products that we present to you. It is our wish that over time we will be your first go to when it comes to rustic home accessories. Feel free to browse our products and ask questions. All structures are designed so as they are easy for you to erect. Either that or we can supply someone to install them for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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